Lake Accotink Park Fall Festival a Hit

About 250-300 people attended the Lake Accotink Park’s Annual Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. Using a Halloween-theme, the day consisted of fun for children, carnival-style games, haunted tractor rides, miniature golf, and carnival-style food. Lake Accotink is part of the Fairfax County Park Authority.

According to Joshua Smith, Lakefront Park Manager at Lake Accotink Park: “We do this every fall around Halloween – so it’s a Halloween-themed event. We open up our mini-golf; we have different carnival-style games the kids participate in. We also do haunted hayrides, which are family-friendly and dog-friendly as well. But it’s a great family event that people can come out and just have a great day out at the local park.”

He continued: “We’re just trying to bring the community in and let them know what we have to offer here at Lake Accotink. This is kind of the last event that we do for the season. So, we hope to spark interest in what we’re going to be doing when the spring comes back around next year. It’s a great fun day.”

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