Beautifying Triangle Garden in Burke

In May 1981, in Burke, a tragic afternoon automobile accident took the life of a 17-year-old woman. The cause of the accident was lack of visibility at the intersection of Sydenstricker and Old Keene Mill Roads created by high weeds and grasses.

Saddened and inspired, the Laurel Garden Club of Springfield/Burke, Virginia (LGC), applied for and received permission from VDOT to adopt this triangular plot of land. Volunteer members of LGC cleared the land, planted low shrubs, and added perennials and bulbs to beautify the garden. Letters from community leaders and civic associations expressed appreciation to Laurel Garden Club for improving safety and beautifying the intersection plot.

Except in winter, each month three or four LGC members provide seasonal clean-up, clear leaves, and prune plants to spruce up the garden. However, after 38 years, some major rejuvenation is in order.

This year, the Laurel Garden Club received a grant from the National Garden Clubs of America to rejuvenate this garden. Plans are underway with the help of LGC members, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to dig out the 38-year-old shrubs (barberries and junipers) and plantings, revitalize the soil, and replant the Triangle Garden.

The new design will add Northern Virginia native plants, hardy shrubs, flowers, and other long-flowering perennials. A new metal sign will announce the efforts of LGC members as we continue the caring, loving maintenance of this critical area.

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